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Gabriela turned out to be one of the best loved series that I originally started writing in September of 2012. Each episode received over 100 comments and over 1000 views. However, Hubpages.com didn't appreciate the content of these and started what I consider to be completely unfair moderating. So, you will see two pages of this series. On the Pt. 1 Page, the initial first two episodes of the series (which were intended to be humorous) followed by the first two episodes of the Demon Cat Halloween Series (which were Horror tales). As more and more moderating was targeted against the series, I moved the next three parts to this blog for release, prior to Halloween 2012. Only recently have I decided that they all needed to be present in one home. So, I have moved them here, as Hubpages.com has become a place for those that specialize in stealing articles from cookbooks and encyclopedias, and couldn't figure out how to write creatively if their lives depended on it. I hope you enjoy the series!

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Day From Hell: Meet Gabriela - Demon Cat!

Gabriella: Demon Cat (Devil's Spawn)
Gabriella: Demon Cat (Devil's Spawn)
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There are days filled with billowing white clouds in the blue sky and the aroma of newly opened roses! You stand, radiating in the warmth of the glowing orb above, feeling completely renewed! Your strength is undeniably without limits! Nothing can stop you from succeeding as you rush to tackle the world!
And then, things change.
Faletame:  In a much happier time      Faletame: In a much happier time
Source: ©Copyright RCRUMPLE2012. All Rights Reserved

Necessary Background Information

Many of you are familiar with 
my "tell-all" cat, Faletame
 (fa-let-a-me). Remember,
 this is the cat that thinks
 he's a dog (He growls when
 strangers come to the door,
 lies on his back for you to 
rub his stomach and fetches
 a toy mouse). He has
 become quite the celebrity
Mind you, I'm not jealous, bu
the amount of comments he
 received overshadowed most
 of my own. This is a fact that
 he will not let me live down.
Life's been interesting ever 
since his 15 minutes in the 
spotlight began. He struts 
around the house daring us
 to get in his way, and when we do, he barks, "Move Fool. Royalty Present Here!" He lies back and yawns when I pick up his toy mouse to play with him and utters, "Oh, reeeaaally, Rich. You need to get a life! Want me to write a story and put you in it?" To make matters even worse, my wife and I now dine on Little Friskies while he enjoys fresh meat and vegetables. He even rubs that in by throwing his toothpicks on the carpet when he's done.
A couple of days ago, he looked up at me and said, "You know, I'd really like one of my own kind to play with. Will you get to it and see what you can do.....now? Oh, and make it female!"
Be careful what you ask for......
Gabriela:  Don't let the laid back appearance fool you! This cat's only resting so she can destroy everything left a little later!  She's Deadly!!!!
Gabriela: Don't let the laid back appearance fool you! This cat's only resting so she can destroy everything left a little later! She's Deadly!!!!
Source: ©Copyright RCRUMPLE2012. All Rights Reserved

Meet Gabriela

Gabriela (as I named her immediately as "G" follows "F") came from a young lady that simply had no need for another cat. She already had two, and a third was becoming just too much. At least, that was the story we were given.
She'd been fixed, after having a litter (Gabriela, that is, not her owner), and needed someone to love. So, putting two and two together, a decision was made to make Gabriela part of our household! What a surprise it would be for Faletame!
Upon entering the condo, my wife and I saw the object of our quest. There she stood, jet black with one tiny spot of white on her stomach, very sleek and muscular, and very attractive. it was almost a case of deja vu as she mirrored the appearance of a black Siamese cat I had owned 20 years ago named "Bernadette." This was a beauty Faletame could love!
Bending over to pick her up, Gabriela put on the "I'm just a shy creature in need of attention and love ...and if you take me home I'll be the best cat you ever had... and you will never want me to leave because I'm so purrrrfect! Don't you just love me?"This cat woman had put me under her spell.
Oh, she put up the obligatory struggle when I attempted to set her in the cat carrier, but slowly, she relented. My wife held the box once we got in the Ridgeline, and all was calm.
The journey home was filled with what seemed to be the moans of a scared cat, not knowing what her future held. We gave the standard, “Calm down... You’ll be okay... we’re gonna love you... you’ll be home soon... etc.." (You know, the sickening sweet crap you usually tell a new cat you think will soon be a cherished member of the family). Gabriela would stick her little nose through the holes in the carrier, and then turn so you could see one of her eyes looking innocently at you. She presented herself as utterly helpless and frightened to death. This, I soon found out, was a ploy. I gotta give it to her, this cat could act!
We arrived at the house and I assumed the role of handling the carrier. Upon entering the house, I spied Faletame, stretched out in the recliner, watching The View, and whispering, “I love you” to Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the screen. He looked up, saw the carrier and smugly inquired,
“So, have you got me a woman?”
Without answering him, I set the carrier down in front of him with the air holes right next to his nostrils. My hopes were that they would each smell each other and develop a gentle curiosity of what the future held.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is A Demon Cat

  1. It will fly untold distances with every leap
  2. It will groan and moan incessantly each time anyone gets close
  3. Its eyes will glow either a green or yellow when approached
  4. Its claws do not retract for any reason
  5. It will use the bathroom wherever it wants and dare you to correct it
  6. All the crosses hanging on the walls of your home suddenly turn upside down

The Demon Cat Appears

At that moment, my first hint of demonic possession came from inside the carrier. Not only did a ferocious hiss and spat shoot out, but so did a black paw with claws a blazing!
Faletame jumped back and looked up at me, wide eyed and shocked, screaming, “You got me a cat? A cat? I’m a dog! Don’t you know cats and dogs don’t get along? Are you stupid or something? No, forget the something ....you’re stupid!”
Little did I know this was only the beginning.
I carried Satan's spawn into the kitchen and opened the carrier. Hell knows no fury... well, you know where that's going! Out she burst with fangs snapping and claws swiping. In blink of an eye, she leapt onto the kitchen table. Seeking no friendships, she proclaimed her association to the Dark Side by arching her back while continuing to hiss with fangs barred as her tail began flipping as a bullwhip trying to slice anything in its path. I looked for the arrow tip at the tail's end, but the speed caused only a blur to be seen.
Faletame, who had followed us to the kitchen, looked up, shaking his head from side to side, and screamed, “She’s a monster from Hell! You’ve brought me a monster from Hell! Damn You! Why didn’t you take me along and I’d of told you.... this is a monster from Hell!”
I had to agree with him. Yet, I knew there was no way to put her back in the carrier in her present state. Maybe, a couple of dozen Hydrocodons mixed in her evening meal might make her more controllable.
The hissing gargoyle then spread her wings and flew 14 feet in the air, landing on the carpet where the living room began. She turned, continued to spat and hiss at us all, and scoped out her new home in the lower realm.
Fluffing his tail, Faletame assured me he could handle the situation and told me to stay completely out of it. Willingly, I complied.
Faletame:  Awaiting Further Psychiatric Treatment!  A Star Has Fallen!
Faletame: Awaiting Further Psychiatric Treatment! A Star Has Fallen!
Source: ©Copyright RCRUMPLE2012. All Rights Reserved


Have You Ever Owned A Demon Cat?

  •  Yes (It's in charge of the house and listening (I can't talk now).
  •  No (I was smart enough to give him away when I saw the signs. HA HA HA HA).
  •  I am a demon cat and you're all going to regret answering!
See results without voting

10 Hours Later...

Friends, I am physically and mentally drained. Faletame is battered and bruised. Exhausted, he is now sleeping nervously on the back of the loveseat, high above the damage that has been occurred. A nervous tick in his left eye has developed and twitches even in his slumber. An appointment with a shrink has been set to assist him in overcoming this horrific trauma. He sports the bandages of a battle fought and lost. He may never write another Hubpage again.
What was our furniture is now scattered in tattered and torn pieces strewn throughout our precious home. My recliner is no more, having found no mercy in the shredding claws of the demon. Only my wife, in her ability to remain naive, believes that the worst of the storm is over. She now sleeps behind a locked door.
I’m here, typing as quietly as possible. As my desk chair is notorious for squeaking, I sit petrified to keep it silent. My fear is great that I will awaken the untold fury that has devastated our world of happiness.
I know not what the future will bring. Thoughts of a much calmer time, when smiles were present and laughter heard, are now only memories.
We have entered the era.... of Gabriela!

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